Illusione Epernay                              

Product Description

For a company who epitomizes boutique blending, you have to look for further than Illusione. Owner Dion Giolito truly focuses on quality over quantity, and the results are apparent. If you have ever had the pleasure of smoking one of these fine blends, you know the consistency, construction, and flavors are all top-notch. If you have yet to meet Illusione, what are you waiting for? This release may just be the best in their arsenal, receiving the honors of the number 3 cigar of the year for 2011.

With no ligero being used for Epernay, it caught the attention of the big wigs not by having intense strength, but rather by its superior tobacco blend. Epernay utilizes all Nicaraguan leaves with Cuban-seed Corojo and Criollo fillers perfectly held in place by a Nicaraguan Rosado wrapper. Refined notes of honey, nut, and a chocolaty sweetness are just a few of the flavors that Epernay delivers, putting this gem in a category all its own.

Box Count: 50 - No Cello

Le Petit: 4.5 x 44                                                                                                             Le Grande: 6 x 46                                                                                                             Le Ferme: 5.25 x 48                                                                                                         Le Monde: 6.25 x 52

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